For 25 years, Fairtrade has been working to improve the living and working conditions of small farmers and plantation workers in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Binding social standards, fixed minimum prices as well as premiums for collaborative projects are already helping more than 1.6 million people on their way out of poverty. Products bearing the Fairtrade seal stand for stable income and premiums for collaborative projects. Fairtrade premiums finance projects in producing countries that promote a sustainable improvement in living conditions and future prospects. Schools, for example, are financed or filter systems installed to secure drinking water supplies.

Derbystar produces its balls in Sialkot in Pakistan. To ensure the principles of fair ball production on site, fair wages are paid and a workers representation has been set up to ensure workers have a voice. In addition, the work from home that is widespread in Pakistan has been banned to make sure that no children work on the balls. For the same purpose, sewing centers with adequate working conditions that are easily accessible for workers were set up.

Derbystar supports global fair trade because it pursues the same goals as we do with our social engagement in our production country Pakistan. More than a million families in more than 50 countries in South America, Africa and Asia benefit from FAIRTRADE today.