The world’s first handball with a sticky surface without any resin!

In recent years, we have invested a lot of energy in the development of a handball with a sticky surface. We are very proud to have reached this goal as the first company in the world and present you the new SELECT MAXI GRIP. The Maxi Grip sets new standards with the material’s adhesion effect and provides a completely new playing experience without resin!

Good training ball with a uniquely strong adhesion effect. Hand-stitched. EHF-APPROVED.


Every year, the leading sports business network ISPO awards prizes for outstanding products in the sports industry. An independent specialist jury awarded an ISPO AWARD 2018 to our SELECT MAXI GRIP as Product of the Year in the category Team & Social Sports.

Maxi reGrip

Extends the adhesion effect of the Maxi Grip.



In recent years, SELECT’s Development Department has worked hard to develop a handball with a sticky surface. Now we can finally present to you for the first time the result of their work: the SELECT Maxi Grip.

With the Maxi Grip we are the first company in the world to offer a handball with this completely new, outstanding feature—a sticky surface. This revolution on the handball market will take the handball game to a new level, especially for junior players and amateurs who are not allowed to use resin in their halls. The Maxi Grip facilitates speed and technique for these players, and especially pivot players, who often have to catch and use balls at great speed, will benefit from this development.

Despite its sticky surface, the Maxi Grip does not leave any residue on hands or sports floors. It does not replace resin, but it is a good alternative when resin use is prohibited. Our development work won’t stop here and we are working on prolonging the ball’s grip effect and retaining it when perspiration occurs.

Please note that the sticky effect of the Maxi Grip will decrease with time. You can maximally prolong the adhesion effect of the Maxi Grip with the following care instructions:

1. Only use the ball indoors.

2. Clean the hall floor of coarse dirt and dust before use.

3. Clean the ball after use with water (without soap) and dab it dry with a clean cloth.

4. Always store the ball in the supplied bag and keep it away from wet sports clothing and towels.